Hello and welcome to my blog!

This is actually a reboot. I put the original up about four years ago. It was (and still is) supposed to be a vehicle to promote my writing. I’m not a particularly focused guy and it showed. Cheesy graphics, plugging music I like, ill-advised essays (2020-2021 were not great years for thinkers), and what-not. The thing just got lost at sea.

I will probably write a brief piece about my adventures in internet-land and lessons I had to learn in public.

How it’s organized:

Simplicity itself. I generally have about three novels in the works at any time as well as some completed work. I’ll post excerpts for each. Poetry and short stories, have their own sections. Just follow the links. I’ll probably plug ill-advised essays, humorous stuff, good books or movies in the free fire zone pages. Enjoy!

Please feel free to post comments, or if it’s more personal, You can email me at: