“Come the Lawyers now, picking over the bones”-Slaid Cleves

I’ve spent a lot of time lately looking backwards- Jan. 6, stacking the Supreme Court, considering how much harm was done to me personally and everybody else, and so on and it is frustrating.

So, yesterday, I decided to look forward.


I thought I was already depressed.

Currently, the GOP’s response to the Jan. 6 investigation seems to be “Inflation is out of control! Gas is $5+, and Biden is out of touch. Why are you still beating a dead horse?

I know, I know Yeah but, Yeah, but, Anything to divert the conversation, change the topic, etc.

If I strip away the 2022 politics-as-usual tap dance, this is what remains:

1- Trump and his cadre are guilty as hell but will suffer little more than a slap on his tiny wrists.

2- The economy is tanking. All the finger-pointing in the world won’t change that fact. In 2009, Obama managed to borrow us out of debt. He had that rare moment in US politics, when the House, the Senate the POTUS, and the Supreme Court were all ruled by Democrats. That rare moment is not available to Biden, and I’m not sure that strategy would even work.

3- I don’t think the mid-terms will produce anything relevant to 2024. Most American voters have goldfish-like memories.

So, looking forward:

1- One of those GOP Killer Klownz is going to get nominated and run. It’s an abysmal collection of shysters, wanna-be strongmen, and at least one incarnation of Satan. This should be a slam dunk for the Dems, BUT,

2- The DNC is performing as usual, embracing any wacked-out collection of professional victims who can find a place to vote. There are a good many common sense Dems who would be a better choice than Biden (Amy Klobuchar, Kamala Harris, etc) but I trust the DNC to do the next wrong thing. I voted for Biden (The Great Compromise) in 2020 simply because he wasn’t named Trump. We have to do better in 2024

I wish this was as funny as it sounds.

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