Of Herschel and Trump

I’m writing this in response to the image above.

He was a moron before taking additional blows to the head. Being a football fan from SC and eight years older than Walker, I’ve pretty much kept up with him (without wanting or meaning to). I’ve seen him play in person and on TV. (The networks quit interviewing him, once they realized the futility of trying to get insights or even coherence from him.)
He was gifted as a runner and an over-the-top exercise nut.
He never accomplished a lot in the pros, but was loved by the “old school” coaches because he always did exactly what he was told to do. Herschel worked like hell, but displayed zero imagination as a player. It didn’t matter what the result was, he did his assigned duties.
I believe this trait is on display here. He doesn’t understand the task assigned to him, and he doesn’t care what the result of “doing his job” might be, he is doing exactly what his current coach is telling him to do.
Towards the end of his football career, his predictability was famous and he was slowing down. It was hard to watch. That was when he became the punchline for the greatest fleecing in NFL history. Old guys like me still laugh about the “Great Train Robbery.”
I was hoping Trump would achieve the same ignominity in US politics. Maybe he is hoping Herschel can be his proxy. No matter how this plays out, it’s sad, ugly and dangerous in an “Of Mice and Men” kind of way.

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